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Welcome to Altrusa International District Twelve. We are proud to be a part of an International organization, and we look to our Vision and Mission Statements as guides to grow Altrusa.

VISION STATEMENT: Altrusa will be a leader among International organizations by improving communities worldwide through a; membership network.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide support to local clubs and the International organization by encouraging service, stimulating growth, communicating information and promoting leadership.


As we begin our next 2 years in District Twelve Altrusa the goal is to emphasize our Altrusa brand drivers – flexibility, inclusion and clarity. Harmony in our district and in our clubs requires flexibility from each of us. It is never about me or I, but it takes all of us working together to make our projects, our clubs or our district to succeed. When it becomes about “me” it is a solo and there is no harmony. The old ways are not the only ways to do things. Thinking outside the box and trying to figure a different way to accomplish something will often create even better products and attract someone who was not previously interested in our organization. Being viewed as rigid and inflexible can be a turn off for many. There are certainly rules that have to be followed to ensure we have a legal, viable organization, but let us be sure we also keep open, flexible thinking to show we are a forward thinking progressive organization truly WORKING IN HARMONY as we build better communities.

It takes all of us working together to grow our organization and encourage others to join us.

Anne DeFrancisco Governor District Twelve 2015-2017


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